Ambient Video

Narrating Place is an international distributed collaboration of narrative cartographies. The three curators were located in the cities of Melbourne, New York and Pittsburgh. The contributors come from around the globe. Curators Laurene Vaughan and Matthew Bissen met at an international workshop held in Zurich in 2012, and worked together on a short film titled The Visitors with Christopher Watson, and two other artists from Zurich. Following this Laurene and Matthew embarked on this project, inviting Paul Ritchard to join the team.

Utilising personal experiences of Zurich, this video explores participatory narratives of place, the ‘poetics of cartography’ (Wood, 2010), through combination of interpreted dance performance, artefacts from location and psycho-choreographed gps track. Through silence I hope to encourage the viewer to reflect on the ambient sounds of their location and experience their place anew, and serve to build their own ‘poetic image’, (Bachelard, 1958).


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