Embossed Drawing

Here I was teaching at a facility with laser cutting and printing press and these were made as part of demonstrations and examples. I scanned drawings from my sketchbook, used Illustrator to convert them to vectors ready for laser cutting into MDF. I then took them to the print studio and embossed them into a lovely Fabriano paper through the press.

Fine Liner – Illustrator – Laser-cutter – Press

Been a while since I could explore printing press facilities and was nice to show students a fresh approach to combining analogue-digital-analogue as well as inking them up and printing.

Frustrating, I should’ve revisited it as I didn’t account for the reversed image in the emboss, as the drawing in the emboss should have been how it looks in the engrave. Just doesn’t quite have the same impact the other way.

Many thanks to both Matt and Michelle for their help, very much appreciated.