Research and related Scholarly/Professional Activity/Consultancy

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A large portion of my research practice is Research through art design, Practice based Research, my interactive portfolio of work is available for download from Dropbox (please forgive the file size, has embedded video’s of work explored):


April 2016 Presenting ‘The Nature Chamber – plug in your ear phones and listen to microcosmic sounds made by insects you place into the chamber’ at Electromagnetic Field Camp


February 2016 I co-authored ‘Cooking up a Remix: Investigating the use of Max MSP graphical programming environment to develop a new software design’, a follow up paper to the presentation given at Making Futures published in Making Futures Journal Volume IV ISSN 2042-1664


September 2015 – Presenter, ‘Designing Software and Hardware to improve our health, cost and creativity in relation to food consumption’ for a Workshop/Lecturer presentation based on my project Food Monitor, software made using MAX/msp to Making Futures international research conference 2015, Plymouth College of Art


October 2014 – ‘Using Social media for teaching and learning to develop visual literacies’ presented at Digital Teachnologies and Mobile Learning, University of Hull #hullmobilefutures2014


May 2014 – Completed revisions of a paper ‘An Exploration of Narratives through Augmented Space’ and submitted to UCD Research & Scholarship Journal.


April 2013 Collaborated with a colleague from Dance to create ‘Ambient’ video, Narrating Place: a collaborative exploration of narrative cartography Online


August 2013 – Wrote a conference presentation proposal for Dresden ICA workshop Games and Mapping and was accepted. ‘Pervasive Electronomadic Gaming through Augmented Space


5th Sept 2012 – Speaker talking about ‘Augmented Reality and its relationship with cartography’, NeoCartography UCL, London


11-13 June 2012 – Speaker presenting ‘Augmented Reality and Hyperreal Maps’ Cartography & Narratives Workshop ETH, Zurich


5 May 2012 – Victoria Baths Fanzine Convention: ‘Alice in apps land: explore your smart phone and your environment’ workshop Victoria Baths, Manchester


August 2013 – I am co-editor of ArtCarto blog where I post about Art, Cartography & GeoCriticism’s. Online


October 2012 – I am the creator, editor of Creative Maps, where I curate creative locations collaborating with a network of artists, for instance Edinburgh was made in collaboration with and featured at


2010 – 2012 – I designed, devised, contacted and networked with vast array of leading contemporary innovative artist/businesses to produce Visualisation Magazine. I produced these in my spare time which has received more than positive response from leading practitioners in the graphic data arts field.